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please browse through these common questions before e-mailing for assistance.
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? Why does it seem that Ken's prices are higher than what I find at on-line auctions?

Because grade-for-grade, merchandise from KRC is superior to that found in any auction, and comes with a satisfaction money-back guarantee. Auctions offer a buy-and-sell venue to people who have no in-depth knowledge of vintage publications, or interest in your personal collection. A serious collector understands that obtaining a complete and matched set of vintage magazines requires an investment of time as well as money, and wants the personal service and attention to detail available only from a professional magazine dealer, such as Ken. KRC is committed to providing you with a collection that you are proud to own and that will increase in value over the years.

? Why doesn't Ken use "MINT" as a grade description?

"MINT" means completely flawless. Even your current issue, still plastic-wrapped and brand-new, may have damage (such as corner-bumping or bent covers) from shipping/handling. Ken believes that finding a very old paper item in truly "mint" condition is impossible, and the highest possible grade he will give is "NEAR MINT". Sellers who use the term "mint" loosely are very misleading; however, it is interesting to note how often you will see this term used...

? Which of Ken's grades will be best for my collection?

For more detailed information regarding the characteristics of each grade level, click here. It's easy to find out which grade most closely matches your existing collection, and which you would need to upgrade. KRC's grading standards are very strict, meaning that the book you receive will probably exceed your previous expectations for the same grade from another dealer.

? How do I know if a particular PLAYBOY back issue is in stock?

Since the inventory of back-issues changes very often, the availability of every issue in every grade is not noted on the BACK-ISSUE page. You may request availability of specific issues via email prior to ordering (please see GENERAL INFORMATION & POLICIES for Ken's policy of automatic substitution). Or, you may order from the list and provide alternate choices in an equal (or higher) total dollar amount. Listing alternate choices gives you the added benefit of a 5% discount!

NOTE: The PLAYBOY back-issue page is the only page on any of KRC's web sites that is not inventory-specific; i.e., every item listed on any other web page is in stock as of the last update of that particular page. Web pages are updated as soon as humanly possible when inventory changes occur. If the page update is not recent, it is because the products listed are in less demand.

? What if I order and give alternate choices, but none of my selections are in stock?

This may happen, although rarely. You can either request to be added to the waiting list for the wanted issue(s), or you may make a third choice from merchandise in stock and take your 5% discount.

? What discounts are available?

KRC offers a wide variety of discounts. Please see complete information for discounts and exclusions on the GENERAL INFORMATION & POLICIES page.

? Can anyone order from KEN RITCHIE COLLECTIBLES?

You must be the legal age in your locale to purchase adult material, and so state on your first order. (Legal age is assumed for credit-card orders and international customers.) It is also the responsibility of the buyer to know the customs and/or laws in his locale affecting shipment of adult material. KRC is not responsible for any monetary loss due to seizure by authorities or customs, and no refunds will be given.

? How do I know you are a reputable dealer?

KRC has been highly recommended for years by PLAYBOY Magazine. Since 1998, Ken's name was noted with special thanks on the credits page of THE PLAYMATE BOOK, and he was named in the October 1998 issue of PLAYBOY ("PLAYBOY Advisor") as a reputable dealer. Ken was chosen by PLAYBOY's executive staff to present a PLAYBOY Collectibles display at the July 1999 PLAYBOY EXPO in Los Angeles, and he is frequently mentioned on PLAYBOY's own web site. Additionally, Ken's customers can tell you more...

? What's your privacy policy?

Your security and privacy are most important at KRC. Totally secure on-line ordering is now available. You may also fax or snail-mail your order. Use whichever method best suits your comfort level. Your personal information is never used for anything other than completing your order. Also, KRC does not use cookies or any other tracking device to monitor visitors, and does not share customer information. KRC may on rare occasion send out email notices to existing customers regarding limited special offers or new items of interest. The packaging of your order is always discreet to further protect your privacy.

? How do I calculate a shipping cost for non-magazine items?

You can't. Assume that a minimum $5.00 shipping charge will apply to all orders within the continental U.S. KRC will always ship using the fastest, most reliable and economical method. If you desire a premium service (such as FedX or UPS 2-Day Air), you will be charged the exact amount for the package weight. International buyers always pay exact for service desired (United States Postal Service only). There is no need to calculate shipping if you use the secure on-line order form; you simply indicate the level of service you desire, and Ken does the rest!

? Why does my order have to be at least $25.00?

There is a minimum order requirement because every item ordered must be hand-picked from a remote warehouse inventory, and almost all orders (even small ones) require further communication with the buyer. The time it takes to pick and pack an order for less than $25.00 rapidly consumes KRC's small profit margin. For most collectors, the minimum order requirement is understandable and preferable to steep per-book price increases.

? I still can't find what I'm looking for. Can you recommend another dealer?

No, because there are no other PLAYBOY back-issue and memorabilia dealers who have a larger inventory than (or maintain the same quality standards as) KRC! First, email your request - it is possible that the item you are looking for is available but is not on the web site. Secondly, Ken maintains an extensive want-file, to which you may request your name be added. Finally, click here to go directly to the PLAYBOY Store On-Line for a variety of vintage collectibles as well as cool new stuff that KRC doesn't carry.

? I am interested in selling my collection. What is its value?

Ken cannot and will not estimate value without physically inspecting the magazine(s). Go to the WANTED ISSUES page for complete information on wanted material.

? What else do I need to know?

If your question has not been answered here, and you've checked the GENERAL INFORMATION & POLICIES page, email for assistance. Your inquiry will be answered promptly and courteously. Also, your comments about this web site are welcome, and will be used to improve your buying experience with KRC.




Page updated July 3, 2003