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Nervous about ordering from an on-line catalog?

Ken Ritchie is a private collector and an established mail-order adult-collectibles
dealer for over 25 years and is a well-known and respected authority on all
vintage PLAYBOY collectibles...

... Even PLAYBOY thinks so! Here's what PLAYBOY has to say about KRC:

PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, October 1998 ("The Playboy Advisor"):
"...The magazine's first fifteen issues, dating from 1953 to February 1955, are the hardest to find in excellent condition and have the most value. If you're missing any of these issues or have extras to sell, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to independent dealers such as...Ken Ritchie [P.O. Box 22604] Memphis Tennessee, 38122".

PLAYBOY.COM, June-July 1999 (web advertisement for the PLAYBOY EXPO):
"...We've brought in the world's largest Playboy collector, Ken Ritchie, to dazzle you with his Playboy mementos and relics from the past 45 years... Check out a preview of what Ken brings on his Web site".

PLAYBOY.COM (Playboy Collectibles web site - KRC quotes and references):
There is no better reference for KRC than to be recommended and advertised on PLAYBOY's own web site and magazine pages again and again... Read more about KRC by clicking on these links at selling back issues, collectibles appraisal, early-issue appraisal.

And from other fans, collectors and (sometimes) sellers just like you:

BRIAN T., 11/09/1999 (via email):
"I just received my recent order of collectible magazines. I was very pleased in the quality and speedy delivery. I was impressed and shocked that (I) received my order so soon. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

J. GOLEZ, 11/09/1999 (via email, PHILIPPINES):
"I just received my 4 magazines... thank you very much. I appreciate your concern of ordering the right magazines and correcting my orders to make sure (I) only get magazines with Kym Herrin's photos. Your great!!!"

PAULO A., 11/23/1999 (via email, CANADA):
"I want to tell you how pleased I am for the quality of the service you provide to your customers. I was particularly impressed by the packaging and the very good shape of the magazines. You now have a regular customer. Thanks a lot."

STEVEN K., 12/11/1999 (post to the PML, a Playmate fan discussion group):
"...Ken Ritchie is a major dealer in Playboy magazines and his price list will give you an idea of the value of various issues."

E. LEUNG, 12/14/1999 (via email, AUSTRALIA):
"Just to let you know that I have received the Playboy magazines today... I am very happy with them! Please give my grateful thanks to Ken Ritchie."

L. HUTCHINS, 12/21/1999 (via email):
"...the magazines look new, especially the black cover 1/59, 11/60, 7/62 issues that are so hard to find without wear."

B. RUBIN, 01/07/2000 (via email):
"Received the magazines yesterday... They are just perfect... I am thrilled to have them... Thanks again."

JIM M., 01/19/2000 (via email):
"Thanks for your very prompt handling of this order...arrived today and I am quite pleased. Ken jotted on the invoice that he had discovered what I was after with these...(I am) impressed that you took the time to figure it out! Thanks again, great service!"

T. WITHAM, 01/27/2000 (via email):
"I received my order today, and I am completely delighted. The service was fast, it was exactly what I wanted, and it came through at a perfect time. Thank you very much. I appreciate it, and you can expect me to come back to do business again."

J. SHEPPARD, 01/31/2000 (via email):
"Items have been received, they were absolutely beautiful! I am showing them off to all my collector friends and schooling them on how to order their own. Thanks for the fantastic service!"

R. SHERIDAN, 02/04/2000 (via email, CANADA):
"Received puzzles yesterday and they tried their best to kick it around as much as possible; corners rounded, a few dints, etc.; I shook the box and it sounded like a lot of peices... I opened it up & FANTASTIC; GREAT; AMAZING; STUPENDOUS; UNREAL; NOT A BLOODY THING WAS OUT OF PLACE OR DAMAGED!!!!! the best shipment yet.!!! Congradulations on beeting the POSTAL SERVICE!!!!"

STEVE S., 02/09/2000 (via email):
"The package got here, and as expected, everything looks great... All I can say is that you folks do a great job on servicing the client base. I have nothing but good things to say about your organization... Again, thanks for your prompt help and assistance."

PATRICK H., 02/26/2000 (via email):
"I received the order and as always, I am very satisfied."

G. THOMPSON, 03/20/2000 (via snail-mail):
[Regarding a PLAYBOY auction winning bid] "...please delay mailing it like you did the last time since I am actively bidding on 4 additional items you have posted... The delay in receiving it is no problem on my end, you(r) excellent service and great merchandise easily make it worth the wait."

NATHALIE D., 05/05/2000 (via email):
"Wow! I thought you meant it would be in the mail by Friday (which seemed perfectly reasonable to me)... but the package arrived today! I'm truly impressed!"

MARCO C., 05/19/2000 (via email):
"...Ken rates his magazines more than fairly. It was just what I wanted and at a great price... Please let me know of any other 1954's he has in fair or good condition."

T. CORTS, 05/27/2000 (via email):
"I appreciate your taking the time to write back to me and clarify this matter (and the promptness of you response to my enquiry). This kind of customer service is regrettably rare these days on the Web!"

M. DOMBECK, 06/05/2000 (via email):
[Regarding items won from the PLAYBOY auction] "Every item was spectacular, from all the rounds I participated in. Thanks for your help, and I'll look forward to doing business with you in the future. I'll leave a positive rating for you."

SARA W., 07/12/2000 (via email):
"...The magazines were in excellent condition! I had thought that there would undoubtedly be more imperfections, minor rips and tears, etc. as many magazine dealers sell for a similar price. Thanks for the excellent service and good value, this should make a great birthday gift."

R. LEVINSON, 07/15/2000 (via email):
"...You've got a great site! The graphics are terrific, the hyperlinks are very user-friendly, and the information you provide for collectors is comprehensive. Anyone dealing in P'BOY-based and other adult collectibles owes you a debt."

PAUL F., 07/16/2000 (via snail-mail):
"I just wanted to let you know everything went to my great satisfaction on our last deal with the 5 (five) 1954 Playboys. I first talked to you on Thursday & I had the magazines the next Wednesday!!!"

And of course, you can always check out the feedback on KRC at PLAYBOY auctions...


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