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P.O. Box 22604, Memphis TN, 38122-0604 U.S.A.



ORDERING You must be at least 18 years of age and so state, or pay with a credit card. Full payment in U.S. funds must accompany your order. Send snail-mail orders to the address shown at the top of this page. Personal checks are accepted, but must clear prior to shipping. All major credit cards are welcome, and ensure the fastest order processing, and you can now enjoy the ease of totally secure on-line ordering.

MINIMUM ORDER It is not economically feasible to process an order for less than $25.00 (exclusive of shipping charges). ORDERS FOR LESS THAN $25.00 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR ACKNOWLEDGED. (Exceptions to the minimum order requirement: any order for SPECIALTY SEARCH SERVICES or for PLAYBOY Select Collectible Phone Cards.) See the FAQ page for more details.

DISCOUNTS Discounts are not automatic - you must request your applicable discount. Discounts apply as long as no single item amounts to more than 25% of the total order: over $100.00 (5%), over $250.00 (7%), over $500.00 (10%), over $1000.00 (15%), over $2500.00 (20%). Dealers: greater discounts are available for very large orders, frequent orders, or orders for large quantities of multiple copies.

SUBSTITUTIONS Please note whether you will accept one grade higher or lower than requested (at the corresponding difference in price) in the event that an item is unavailable in the grade requested. Unless instructed otherwise at the time your order is placed, my policy will be to automatically substitute a copy one grade lower and refund the difference in price. Also, alternate selections are not required, but are appreciated. You qualify for an additional 5% discount (in addition to other applicable discounts!) if you list alternate choices equal to the dollar value of your primary choices.

TRADES I am always interested in buying (or trading for) quality merchandise. Specific types of material that I can use are older men's magazines such as Parliament News and similar publications - especially late 60s thru 70s and Challenge publications from the 70s. Nearly any kind of pin-up art (especially any by Armstrong, Elvgren, Petty or Vargas), wall calendars, rare and scarce Under Ground Comics (primarily '60s to early '70s), non-news format pocket and digest-size mags from the '50s and '60s, and almost anything featuring Bettie Page. Please refer to "Selling Your Collection?" for more information.

GUARANTEE If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your purchase, notify me promptly and I will (at your option) either replace defective merchandise, refund your money, or allow a 100% credit toward your next purchase. Returned merchandise must be received in the same condition it was sent. I am not responsible for non-delivery or non-receipt of shipped merchandise due to customs seizures. Knowledge of local custom and/or law regarding adult-oriented merchandise is wholly the responsibility of the purchaser. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS FOR MERCHANDISE ORDERED IN ERROR!!!


Page updated July 2, 2003